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Christmas Trees

Our family business was started by our Dad, Tim Mitchell, in 1950 and has become an Arizona Family Tradition ever since! 

We offer many types of fresh cut plantation Christmas trees from 2 feet to over 30 feet!!   We also have assorted sizes of fresh wreaths & garland made from Noble and Nordmann Fir,  long needled pine cone clusters and a variety of home decorations for your family’s Christmas celebrations.  Custom flocking (traditional white or colors) fire retardant and home or commercial delivery.  Setup and removal are available. 

Due to limited supply trees over 14’ need to be ordered by November first.

Tree Lot # 480-513-6263

SCOTTSDALE   Between Legacy & Thompson Peak Blvd’s

GILBERT   NW corner of Gilbert Blvd & West Elliot Rd

Our Tree Lots are open daily after Thanksgiving from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. 

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Our Trees in the Valley

Silverleaf Country Club

Arizona Biltmore

Botanical Garden

The Phoenician

Christmas Trees are Green and Good for the Environment!

Christmas Trees are NOT from the forest!  They are grown sustainably in rows (like corn) on tree farms just to be Christmas Trees.  They are a renewable and recyclable resource grown by farmers in the United States.  Christmas Trees are carbon neutral & completely biodegradable. 

Artificial trees are NOT biodegradable, they contain lead, plastic & metal.  These are a burden on our environment indefinitely!

For every Real Christmas Tree harvested, 2 to 3 seedlings are planted in its place the following spring.  There are about 1 million acres in production for growing Christmas Trees.  Each acre provides the daily oxygen requirements for 18 people!


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When Christmas is over we have partnered with Arizona Game and Fish and provide recycled Christmas trees to create bass habitats! 

Tree Types


Noble Fir

In the wild, the trees are tall, beautifully symmetrical and grow to over 200 feet in height. The bark is smooth with resin blisters when young and changes to brownish-grayplates with age.  The needles are roughly 4-sided (similar to spruce), over 1 inch long, bluish-green but appearing silver because of 2 white rows of stomata on the underside and 1-2 rows on the upper surface. The needles are generally twisted upward so that the lower surface of branches are exposed.


Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann (also known as the Caucasian fir) has gained considerably in popularity as a Christmas tree, thanks mainly to it’s excellent needle holding, glossy deep green foliage and very attractive shape. The needles, which point forward and grow round the branches are soft and thick with white lines on the underside. The bark is smooth and grey.


Douglas Fir

The wide ranging species of Douglas Fir grows from 70 to 250 feet tall. The branches are spreading to drooping, the buds sharply pointed and the bark is very thick, fluted, ridged, rough and dark brown.  The needles are dark green or blue green, 1 to 1 1/2 inches long, soft to the touch and radiate out in all directions from the branch. They have a sweet fragrance when crushed.


Grand Fir

The grand fir is one of the tallest firs, reaching heights of 300 feet. It is easily distinguished from other Pacific Northwest firs by its sprays of lustrous needles in two distinct rows. They are usually horizontally spread so that both the upper and lower sides of the branches are clearly visible.  The needles are 1 to 1 1/2 inches long with glossy dark green tops and two highly visible white lines of stomata on the undersides.


Fraser Fir

Fraser fir is a uniformly pyramid-shaped tree which reaches a maximum height of about 80 feet.  Strong branches are turned slightly upward which gives the tree a compact appearance.  Needles are flattened, dark-green with a medial groove on the upper side and two broad silvery-white bands on the lower surface.  On lower branches, leaves are two-ranked (occurring in two opposite rows). On upper twigs, leaves tend to curl upward forming a more “U-shaped” appearance.

Tree Care

When a Christmas tree is cut, over half of its weight is water. With proper care, you can maintain the quality of your displayed trees.

How to keep your Christmas Tree Fresh:

  • Before you buy a tree —  make sure the tree needles are soft & pliable and the tree looks fresh
  • Get a fresh cut on the trunk of the tree
  • Always keep the tree in a water stand – full of water (it’s thirsty)
  • Don’t
    • use old light strings on your tree
    • place the tree under heater vents or in front of the fireplace!
    • Place tree in windows that get direct sun – the reflected heat from sunlight is very drying!
  • Have a Merry Christmas !!!

We also have tabletop size trees, Assorted sizes of  wreaths, and a variety of home decor for your family’s Christmas celebrations.

Tim Mitchell’s Christmas Trees Supports

The Mitchell Family strongly supports and thanks the Christmas Spirit Foundation for the “Trees for Troops” program.  SSG. Jodie Marsh is Jayne Mitchell Marsh’s husband and we personally know the concerns of having  a loved one serve our country far from home.  But knowing that there are organizations such as the Christmas Spirit Foundation is a great comfort for all.  We hope you too will become involved by donating a Real Christmas Tree or cash equivalent to the Christmas Spirit Foundation.


The Tim Mitchell Family

Soldier Christmas

Jodie and friends in front of a real christmas tree in Q-West Iraq – December 2005

SSG Jodie Marsh

Our Hero SSG Jodie Marsh Arizona National Guard Deployed to Q-West Iraq

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Deposit is required to reserve a tree. We will contact you for tree details and to take deposit! THANK YOU!

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